You can find on this page the map of São Paulo bike route and the map of Bike Sampa stations. The city of São Paulo has undertaken considerable efforts to develop the use of bicycles by creating miles of trails and bike paths, a system of bike sharing and also cycling routes to move easily in São Paulo.

The number of kilometres of cycle tracks and bicycle paths is increasing in São Paulo.

São Paulo Bike Route

Sao paulo bike paths

The São Paulo bike network is about 74 miles (120 km) thanks to a strong policy to develop the dedicated cycle path initiated by the city of São Paulo. Many dedicated lanes for cyclists have been built to facilitate coexistence with motorists.Bike routes were created to help people enjoy the city.

Sao Paulo is constantly experiencing traffic jams, which is why large communication campaigns appear on the benefits of cycling. Bicycle lanes are laid out along the main arteries, identifiable by the drawing of a white bicycle on the ground. Red cycle paths, completely separated from the road, with numerous bridges to cross the motorways, have been created.
Free bicycle rides are offered for bike tours of the city centre, cultural sites, the walls, Ibirapuera Park. On weekends and holidays the Paulista is reserved for bicycles, as are several major roads and parks such as Parque Ibirapuera.
Self-service bicycles have appeared such as Yellow Bike in the center of Sao Paulo. Yellow Bike announces 2000 bikes and 1000 scooters.

Bike Sampa Stations Map

Bike sampa station map

Bike Sampa is the public bicycle sharing system in São Paulo (Brazil) available since 2012. Established by the city of São Paulo, the system is operated by Mobilicidade and sponsored by Banco Itaú. The network is available in São Paulo and proposes a fleet of 1,000 bicycles spread over 144 stations.

Since 2012, the city of Sao Paulo offers a public bicycle service: Bike Sampa. The number of stations is gradually increasing, but they are already numerous.
The user picks up a bike at the Bike Sampa station of his choice. The first 30 minutes are free, then the cyclist is debited R$ 5 for each additional half hour.
In order to use this service, the user must first go to the Bike Sampa website to register and pay a deposit of R$ 10 online.
It is possible to consult the nearest station and find out live the number of bikes and free places available through the mobile application or the Bike Sampa website.